🔥🔥 ATTENTION LOYAL HOMORADIO LISTENERS: As many of you know, in-person classes at RPI have been suspended for the remainder of the semester as a result of the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, this means that WRPI is also shut down during this period. The RPI administration will reassess the situation at that time. Hopefully, we will return to the airwaves on or about the last week of May, but that is only a potential scenario.

We can’t wait to return to the airwaves, but in the meantime, you can listen to our archived shows here on our website or check out the latest episode of “This Way OUT” (updated every Monday) by visiting ThisWayOut.org

As Executive Producer of the world’s most listened to college radio program, HOMORADIO, I would like to express to everyone how much we will miss you in the weeks ahead. Most of all, stay well. Positive thoughts are being sent your way. In the words of the iconic Frieda Munchon, “Remember the love!” ❤️